Day 6

Thurs 3/21

  • Rolled out of the KOA around 11am after doing dishes, showering, & dealing w/our trash & recycling (1st recycling since leaving Great Basin – we’d been carrying around a rather sizable bag of bottles & cans; yes, clap your hands).
  • Called Dad, & got Bill Fulginiti’s number. Called Bill, & got best directions to a good New Mexican restaurant (Tomasita’s), which was just across the parking lot from the train station downtown.
    • Great restaurant – had a few rounds of margaritas, & the obligatory sopapilla’s, which we, of course, got 6 to go J
    • I got a bunch of photos of the restaurant & train station, so someone’s going to have to confirm or deny that one. Seemed very familiar, though.
  • The girls wandered the area near the station for a while, & both bought stuff. OMG…there was the bestest evah middle eastern textile, clothing and jewelers!!! Becca and I were drooooooling over his finds. Think he was excited that a couple of customers could dig his stuff as much as he did and knew as much as he did. I bought a beany hat that I will turn into a bellydance bra. OMG, also went to a great vintage store where Becca found a tribal bellydance belt for $29 that Gypsy Caravan just got a bunch of into the studio about a month ago. GC sells them for $65/$70 each!! Now that is a great find!! She also bought another bellydance belt, tribally for $12 with coins and beads, cowries. Those typically go for $20. I was really jealous!! But I guess it’s only fair since I found the spike FCBD bracelet at Rekassah West for $10 when they retail for $55-$100 each. We also went to World Market…yeah, yeah, yeah, I know….they have them east but we got some snackies, beer, wine and olives. I’m on a big olive kick and they were selling them for $4 a jar when in Newport they were $7 a jar!
  • Rolled out of Santa Fe around 4:30pm; headed for Memphis.
  • Lightening, Fog, Rain, Rainbows, Wind and horribly filled pot holes made for an interesting trip. Note to self…horribly filled pot holes that are more mounds than flat in conjuction with high winds make for serious rocking…I thought for shizzo we were going to flip this RV. Pretty sure the people behind us thought the same thing.
  • We found out later that the storm that we went through littered Eastern New Mexico with tornadoes.  Fun-fun.
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