Day 5

Weds, 3/21

  • Got to Arches early’ish, around 9am. Drove all the way to the end of the park & worked our way back. Didn’t do any long hikes b/c we wanted to see all of the “majorâ€? sites in 1 day. Had a great time “poking holes.â€? Scenery was as breathtaking as expected; lots of photos & video. We did Balanced Rock, Windows, Parade of Elephants, Devil’s Garden, Fiery Furnace, Petrified Dunes,
  • Left Moab & drove straight to Santa Fe. Had planned to stop at Mesa Verde along the way, but we got there at 4:45pm, which was 45mins past the open time.   So, we trucked it through Durango, & on to Santa Fe. Actually MV closes at 5pm but its got a huge ass hill to drive up to get to the top and visitors center which in this RV would take like 15min. Ah well…
  • Reached Santa Fe around 9:30pm, & searched for a place to serve us food, but were unsuccessful. We were starving, & nowhere was open (at least, near the RV park). We tried ~4 different places.
  • Searched for the KOA for an hour. Terrible GPS/reality coordination. We should’ve just followed the directions from their website, but we’d come through town, so….
  • Got into the KOA around 10:30pm, & did the late check-in.
  • Made the canned chili/cream cheese/sour cream dip & watched Slither. Not a very well planned-out combination, but funny nonetheless. Heather’s 1st time seeing it, & she loved it. I loved it…the grossed thing for me was that chick married to that slime ball husband, creepy, creepy, creepy!
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