Day 4

Day 4, Tues 3/20

  • great-basin-state-park2.JPG
  • Woke up in Great Basin, realized that what we thought was loud wind the night before was actually a loud gushing stream outside our RV.
  • Travis drove us the whole way to Moab.
  • Drove across The Great Basin, which was really cool. A great big flat basin surrounded by mountains on all sides. There were frequent dust devils that spun across the highway.
  • Stopped to scavenge sun-bleached bones off a cow carcass on the side of the road.
  • Stopped at scenic overlooks to see the really cool rock scenery and panoramic vistas. Took pictures of Heather in Isis wings and a cowboy hat…silly silly
  • We dumped our first waste water load, and subsequently had to try to find more chemical stuff for the toilet (toilet beano?), which led us on a wild goose chase for the stuff.
  • Made it to Moab, finally found the toilet beano, tried to get into Arches to spend the night but it was all full up L
  • We ended up staying at another RV park just a mile down the road fro Arches, so we’ll play there tomorrow.
  • Finally got to shower…first time since leaving San Fran…mmmmm…
  • Becs got a call from Southwest saying that they finally have her bag in Oakland, CA which is not going to be sent back to MD, hooray.
  • Walking Heather’s cat on a leash wasn’t very effective…cat wanted to crawl up underneath the RV
  • Played with glow poi
  • Drank lots more beer and made Hurricanes with a mix from New Orleans!
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