Day 3

Day 3, Mon 3/19

  • washoe-rv.JPGWoke up in Washoe State Park….
  • and discovered a bizarre pissing contest construction thing outside RV.bum-urinal.JPG
  • One bathroom available in park; weather ~65 degrees & sunny. Snowy mountains on one side; arid desert mountains on the other. Lake nearly completely dried out.
  • Made the first grocery shop of the trip in Carson City. Finally stocked-up on essentials.
  • Becs finally got undies at Walmart! And took her first shift driving the RV.
  • Drove through most of Nevada, Becs doesn’t so much like the strong gusts of wind that rock the (top heavy) RV.
  • Saw a random tree loaded with tennis shoes
  • Saw a random girl running around the side of her vehicle with her pants down with a roll of toilet paper in her hand
  • Saw a real live cowboy on a horse tending his sheep with his dog
  • Went across lots of cattle grates
  • Heather took over the next shift of driving, hit a jackrabbit and a long tailed desert mouse
  • Couldn’t make it all the way to Moab so we stopped at Great Basin National Park to spend the night. Again, drank beers, made dins, watched Napoleon Dynamite
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