Day 2

Day 2, Sun 3/18

  • Went to City Beer – awesome little (roughly same size as the Sea Dive shop) beer store on Folsom, right near the 80/101 split in San Fran. They sell no macros. Picked up a bottle of 60th anniversary Abt 12 for $16. They had huge growlers of 10th anniversary Stone IPA (~2.5ft tall?) that had a tiny padlock & key set for the lid. They were going for $60/bottle, & I seriously had to restrain myself. Ended up spending $75 anyway; tons of great Cali beers that ya just can’t find back East.
  • Tried to get the bag back & failed; no luggage for Bec-Bec
    • We parked the rental in the hourly parking & headed back to the baggage claim. When we walked into the terminal, the line was out the door of the baggage services & all the way through the baggage carousel area. As soon as we walked in, I knew we’d be leaving sans duffel bag. Indeed, the bag was nowhere to be found; & I’ll be damned if I’m ever flying Southwest again unless there’s no choice.
  • Picked up Lindsay & wet to Rakkasah
    • Had to park the RV on a random street in Richmond. Good luck on the parking, even though it was on a street, it was a decent spot.
    • Travis stayed in the RV: I watched Batman Begins again; awesome movie. Just as I’d finished watching, it, the girls returned. Good timing.
  • Shopped, watched Suhalia (chunky), Isabella, Jim Boz, Fahtiem
  • Saw Latifa briefly
  • heather-and-cousin-jessica.JPGAte Dins w/Heather’s cousin in El Cerrito @ a really decent pasta place in a plaza near the BART station.
  • Tried to go buy undies, but all stores closed L Left El Cerrito area around 9:30pm.
  • Drove to Washoe St. Park, NV; arrived 3am, drank beers till 4am – exhausted & giddy.
    • Distance driven: 164mi – took 5 hours. It was the roughest driving of the trip, I think. We likely averaged 40mph for the entire leg. The road was incredibly curvy, & “hillyâ€? would be an understatement. On the last bit coming down to Carson City, I thought that I would burn the brakes out b/c I had to use them so much. It’s a shame that we had to do that leg in the dead of night, b/c I think it would’ve been beautiful scenery if we could’ve seen it.
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