Day 1

Day 1, Sat 3/17

  • Well…almost didn’t make it out of BWI. Lines were astronomically long because of the bad weather the day before and everyone trying to make new flight arrangements, etc. We only just made it on the plane. Whew.
  • Arrived in Oakland. Left the airport without Rebecca’s duffel bag. Travis’ suitcase was nearly the first off the belt. Waited for a really long time, then gave up & decided to come back the next day.
  • Got to the rental car area behind a freakin’ little league hockey team from Canada that just happened to be getting ~6 cars. Ugh. Entirely too long in there, but finally got the car (Dodge Avenger) & successfully navigated to the restaurant.
  • Dinner @ Quinn’s Lighthouse in Oakland in the marina area with Lindsay & Jamel. Great place; nice restaurant downstairs, & good bar upstairs; nice view over the harbor. Lots of good things on tap, & I found one of the Carnegie porters; good stuff. Over-ate, as usual, but the food, esp the seafood, was great. Rebecca finally satiated her paella craving; lots & lots of actual saffron in the rice.
  • Nouveau Nights: The show was just insane, really good, everything was all really different, the costumes were all outstanding….in no order in particular:
    • Damage Control Theatre – Sarah from Damage Control Theatre won the Tribal Throwdown dance contest and so was the opener of the show and brought her troupe down to perform. All the girls were dressed in white clothing that looked like vintage undergarments, fluffy lacey pants and white underskirts and all. It was definitely very theatrical, there was this whole trying in jewelry part where one girl ended up wearing a belly chain and becoming the center of attention and the rest of the girls were jealous. It had a voodoo feel to the whole thing. Here’s the performance from Tribal Throwdown, which is the same…
    • YouTube Preview Image
    • Ariellah & Lapsus (fire & blood): Ariellah did a solo set (very cool behind the back snake arms) and her troupe Lapsus also performed. Definitely very, very goth bellydance. They did a lot of fire work – fire poi, fire fans, handheld fire pots, fire eating, fire breathing. The set ended with blood beginning to ooze from every girls mouths and them clawing at each other on the ground.
    • Ultra Gypsy (crazy birds): These were the most awesome costumes! The troupe were decorated as if they were all birds with lots of feathers, lots of iridescent makeup, fluffy pants, etc. Awesome choreographies, very complex, lots of cabaret moves, great line changes. Very theatrical. FINALLY…VIDEO CLIPS!!!
    • YouTube Preview Image
    • YouTube Preview Image
    • Heather Stants – solo – incredibly muscular super controlled movements.
    • Zoe – Travis & Heather saw Zoe @ the bar before her performance & Travis said “hiâ€? to her. Heather, on the other hand, was like the proverbial deer-in-headlights throughout the exchange J
    • Unmata (ponies) – wow. Um….yeah…so half the troupe were dressed like ponies. They each had a horse tail on their butts, they had hooves and fur on their hands and feet, and bits in their mouths and were paraded around by other troupe members. Yes, it was bizarre, but well done. It was a whole master-enslaved thing. Here’s a clip from a chick that was video taping behind us: YouTube Preview Image
    • Kristina Canizares (super burlesque’y girls with big bows on butt): This had a jazz and latin fusion flair but was also pretty burlesquey. The girls were dressed in heels, fish nets, a tiny beady belt, bra top, gloves and a huge bow on their butts. At one point in the choreography they pulled off their gloves with their (or another girls) teeth.  Ooo la la!  They all had wonderful expression though.
    • Frederique (awesome belly rolls): Frederique was just awesome, great audience participation, amazing isolations, really fun.  I can’t find a video of this performance, but here’s another of her’s that I really like:
    • YouTube Preview Image
    • Zoe began a solo doing tribal fusion stuff, and then these blonde-wigged sequin thong-bikini clad girls stalked out with pom poms, stood at the edhe of the stage and started yelling and throwing stuff at Zoe. This quickly escalated to them ripping Zoe’s costume off, under which she was also wearing a sequin thong bikini. Then out came the March Fourth Marching band, which Zoe and the other dancers joined and a guy came out also wearing a sequin thong and they were all dancing. At which point we realized that one of the girls and the guy dancer were actually our bartenders. The chick bartender was continually losing her top. Both boobies exposed at various intervals. This all migrated down into the crowd and the dancers were pulling people into the middle of the dance floor to dance around all silly. This was punctuated by some writhing on the floor as well. The whole crowd was dancing, the band was awesome, everyone was having a good time. It was all very silly.
    • We stayed until the end, then drove back to the RV (in Candlestick Park which is right near the SanFran 49ers Stadium) and drank beers and chatted until about 4am. Ooops….
    • Lots more Nouveau Nights photos here
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