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Filed under: General news — Travis at 9:13 am on Friday, December 4, 2009

So, Rebecca came home to be there for the 2pm appointment with Calvert Well yesterday.  They successfully replaced the down-pipe for a buncha money.  The pipe did indeed turn out to have a hole in it, so it was good that they replaced it… but….  The system’s still losing pressure like it was before.  Now they think it may be the pressure tank, but probably not, but they still think we should replace the tank anyway (of course), as it’s apparently the original one that came with the house.

Thankfully (though not really for them – long story), Paine & Becca have an extra tank that’s only six months old & not in use.  Paine’s going to drop it off today, so we’ll have that issue covered.  The problem is that the well people think the issue is with the supply pipe… which goes straight into the foundation of the house in the laundry room.  Concrete.  Yep.  Paine suggested we figure out a way to get at the pipe both right near the house, & out by the well: cut the pipe in both places & pressure test it somehow.  I’m open to suggestions, but I really don’t want to pay those guys to dig it out & replace it.  We’re really scared at the possibility of the pipe in the foundation being damaged…

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

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